So, you have a website based on the blogger\blogspot platform.

You can prove your ownership in a few simple steps:

1. Go to the 'Sites and Zones' section and click 'Add a new site'. Put your website address (make sure it's correct) and click 'Submit'.


Done it already? Then chose the website you'd like to verify.

2. From here you need to get the meta verification tag. Click 'Copy' to get the code.


3. We'll use a theme editor to insert the code. Go to your website platform and choose the 'Theme' section.

You can edit your theme source code by clicking the 'Edit HTML' button.


4. Don't panic, you're almost there. Make sure that all the code modifications are going inside the <head> tag. The best way is to put it right after the other meta tags. Press 'enter' to add a new line. Paste your meta verification there and click the 'Save theme' to apply your modifications.


5. The hard work is done. Just head back to the Clickadu Publishers' dashboard. Click 'Verify' to prove your website ownership.


That's it. Your website will be reviewed during the 72 hours.

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