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Merry Christmas from Clickadu Team!
Posted by Demian Mash on 26 December 2016 12:11 PM

Merry Christmas, clickadvisers and clickublishers! Do you remember Mariah Carey singing 'All I want for Christmas is you…'?

That's what we, the Clickadu Team, really value — you, friends. 
Merry Christmas is a good occasion to thank you all, guys, for staying with us! This year was really rich in innovations and solutions we developed for your financial growth.

This is what you were lucky to try in 2016:

✓ The introduction of the Anti-AdBlock System prevented money loss & raised payouts up to 20%.

✓ Advertisers may now use the handy Self-Serve Platform with more targeting options, user-friendly interface, detailed statistics and reports hourly updated.

✓ Thanks to the anti-cheat system integration we managed to notably improve traffic quality.

More impressions? Yes, sir! We impress by showing a 45% growth which is now 100m+, and that's not a limit!

✓ We launched a delicious pricing model for SSP users — SmartCPA. Advertisers may choose it while launching a campaign in order to optimize costs by paying for conversions only.

✓ Advertisers may also explore an RTB method allowing to choose more targeted audiences.

✓ And there is something that we are really proud of!… We won the Best Emerging Brand nomination of the 6th ANNUAL YNOT AWARDS held in Prague.

You see, we are constantly improving, and promise that next year you will experience some profit-boosting changes. Wanna stay updated? Like us! 

Aaaaand...if you are still thinking of starting with us, this is the right time, guys! A Merry Xmas bonus is waiting for you and will disappear at the dawn of the new year!

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International Tea Day refreshing offers!
Posted by Demian Mash on 16 December 2016 12:05 PM

15 December - Happy Tea Day!

"Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world." T'ien Yi-heng

International Tea Day has been celebrated since 2005 in tea producing countries like:
Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, India.
We definitely should celebrate it with High-Quality traffic from these countries.

Choose now: 

IN - 1 500 000 impressions of HQ 3G traffic daily - CPM $1 for the first clicks

CN - 1,7 mln impressions of HQ mobile (wifi+3G) traffic daily - CPM $1 for the first clicks

LK - 150 k impressions of HQ mobile (wifi+3G) traffic daily - CPM $1.5 for the first clicks

JP - 1.8 mln impressions of HQ mobile (wifi+3G) traffic daily - CPM $2.3 for the first clicks

KE - 45 k impressions of HQ mobile (wifi+3G) traffic daily - CPM $1.2 for the first clicks

VN - 1.2 mln impressions of HQ mobile (wifi+3G) - CPM $1 for the first clicks

ID - 1.8 mln impressions of HQ mobile (wifi+3G)  - CPM $1.32 for the first clicks

 GB - 1.8 mln impressions of HQ mobile (wifi+3G) traffic daily - CPM $2.7 for the first clicks

Prices are valid until 31 December, 2016.

Get a cup of good tea and enjoy the deal!

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Get yourself Cyber-satisfied with Clickadu Monday offers
Posted by Demian Mash on 28 November 2016 03:24 PM

Greetings, Human!

Do you still feel electrified about Black Friday discounts and stuff?
No time to relax, because there is more to come!

We can give you an opportunity to purchase traffic till' your mouse breaks.

More attractive Cyber offers for you:


US - 7 000 000 impressions - min CPM $0.45

IN - 2 000 000 impressions - min CPM $0.35

CN - 2 000 000 impressions - min CPM $0.30

DE - 1 500 000 impressions - min CPM $0.55

FR - 1 500 000 impressions - min CPM $0.60


ID - 6 500 000 impressions - min CPM $0.30

US - 6 000 000 impressions - min CPM $0.85

TH - 5 500 000 impressions - min CPM $0.55

IN - 5 000 000 impressions - min CPM $0.85
JP - 2 000 000 impressions - min CPM $1.50
Have a nice deal!
You got to read it robot style.

Clickadu Team

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Affiliate World Asia 2016
Posted by Demian Mash on 22 November 2016 04:01 PM


Bangkok, Thailand, 05.12 - 06.12

Looking forward to Affiliate World Asia event? Well, let share the same boat because Clickadu Team is going to be there!

Want to make an appointment and discuss some business opportunities with us or just looking for a chitchat? Sure, we’re always delighted with a good company!

To arrange a meeting contact our representatives:

Or just stop by at booth B47!

See you there!

Clickadu Team

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3 New rocking features for more targeting and optimization options!
Posted by Demian Mash on 11 November 2016 02:07 PM

Self-Serve Platform 
Updates and New Features

Looking for more options to optimize your Ad Campaign? We’re glad to represent you 3 New features for more targeting and optimization options!

Take a look.

Anti-Adblock Zones Available

Our publishers were longing for a system that is able to overcome adblocking apps and recently we have released this awesome feature for them.

For the sake of raising the stakes to reach more traffic conversions you may choose to buy traffic from Adblocking zones. This feature should make your Self-Serve platform use more effective!

Notice: Please make sure that your Landing Pages or offers are not blocked with adblocking apps or you might get stuck with the ROI decrease!

More Zones for more accurate targeting options

We have added the possibility to exclude or include more Zones for your Ad campaigns. Now the Zone limitation threshold was raised up to 1000 ad zones. More profitable zones for you to choose, more hq traffic!

New Ad Delivery methods

Here’s a new feature providing you more options to control your Ad campaigns. Now it is possible to choose a method of your Ad delivery:

- Standard (steadily reach as much traffic as possible)

- Distributed (your campaign distributed across the entire day)

The disributed method affects the average spend of your daily budget accordingly - It can be spent faster or evenly in 24 hours.

To change your campaign’s ad delivery method, go to the Campaign Schedule.

Can’t wait to try this new features? Kindly proceed to your advertiser account!

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New Anti-Adblock System Overcoming Adblock
Posted by Demian Mash on 07 November 2016 01:31 PM


It has finally happened!

We’re releasing new Anti-Adblock System for you. No more money loss with Ad-block using audience.

Plunge into the numbers. Investigate some bitter statistics about Ad-block:

Considering the combined statistics: Adblock system is used by 10-20% of your site’s audience. The numbers may appear low, but according to the Juniper Research the Ad Blocking is going to cost $27 Billon pulishers’ loss to 2020. Pretty much, huh?

Let’s examine another infographics helpfully provided by Tune.
According to the reserch the numbers of Ad Blocker users show stable growth:

Piece of cake. The easiest way to pervent your money loss:

Let me show you how our Anti-Adblock system works. It’s simple, without any additional efforts the Ad placed on your website will be shown to your audience no matter Ad Blocking systems.


Sounds splendid? To add a code on your site kindly contact your personal manager to provide you modified JS.

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