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Check if you’re on the Santa’s list.
Posted by Demian Mash on 19 December 2017 12:14 PM

Dear partners,

Clickadu Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and of course, we have prepared something extra special for you.

But first, let’s look through Santa’s checklist if you’ve been a good or a naughty this year. Are you on the list?

Seems you’ve been a good lad this year. Watching the environment, being nice to small fellow-ones, helping old ladies cross the road. Encouraging list of good deeds indeed.

Okay, well, when you won’t find a coal in your Christmas stocking.

Good advertiser:

Use the code ‘GOODLAD’ to receive $20 extra for topping up your balance on $100+ or 10% extra for your topping up your balance on $300+. There are so many advertising opportunities for you this time.

Good publisher:

Use the code 'GOODLAD" in the registration form to receive 98% revenue share for two months!

The code is valid until December 29.

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Do not miss an opportunity to become a VIP Advertiser.
Posted by Demian Mash on 21 September 2017 11:45 AM


Time is valuable, and we're willing to save you both time and money. Don't waste any of it, add $500+ as your first deposit to receive all the possible privileges:


  • Professional staff dedicated to attend to any needs or requests.
  • IP-targeting option.
  • Quick funds adding.
  • Available Credit Line.
  • Black&white lists creating support.
  • More precise statistics & help in choosing more appropriate bidding.
  • Individual traffic discounts & launching a campaign with low bids.

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More unique impressions with IP capping
Posted by Demian Mash on 04 July 2017 03:03 PM

We like to think of ourselves as creators. All this business is not only about making money, you know. It is about creating something new and innovative to move the whole industry forward as well as your advertising opportunities.

Please meet another really helpful targeting for your campaigns — IP Capping. It is a limitation on the number of times your ads are displayed to the same person with the same IP-address on a publisher's website. When a website visitor sees the ad for the first time, the ad server receives the info about the individual IP. If you set IP Capping to be 3:24, it means one visitor will see your ad only 3 times per day.

You may have already worked with our Frequency Capping which deals with cookies. As you know, visitors may regularly clean them. So, we decided to add IP Capping which you may use both at the self-serve and managed platforms. We recommend setting both Frequency and IP Capping for your campaigns in order to optimize your budget and get more unique leads.

Clickadu Team

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Advertise this with API.
Posted by Demian Mash on 22 May 2017 02:57 PM

Dear Partners,

Every day we are working on getting more flexible and customer-focused. For this purpose we offer API integration. API allows networks and brand promoters to manage their advertising campaigns, even if launched at different ad networks, on their own platform. It saves a lot of time, as there is no need to permanently check the whole pack of traffic sources in use. An application program interface (API) is a special protocol which enables integration of two platforms.

API helps our advertisers work remotely with our platform: create, launch, and stop campaigns; change a bid, a link or targeting settings.

API helps our publishers remotely receive statistics from our system in order to visualize and analyze large data sets.

EscAPIng difficulties, work with Clickadu API.

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Happy St.Patrick's Day.
Posted by Demian Mash on 17 March 2017 12:32 PM

Did you know that it was St. Patrick who invented whiskey? 

In the 5th century St.Patrick and monks brought distillation art to Ireland, which was used for making that sort of whiskey we adore.

Clickadu delivers the cheapest Irish traffic as pure and radiant as mature Irish whiskey. Just sign in or sign up to set the right geo IE and drive 150K+ impressions daily at only $1 per mille!

The Irish playwright Bernard Shaw said, 'Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself'. Let's create together!



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Did you know that it’s possible to buy traffic from Clickadu using the Real Time Bidding system?

"Informed is forearmed": RTB system allows you to reach for the more relevant audience on your offers.

What’s the precise nature of the process?
It works just like all the bidding systems do. You’re able to choose the targeting, up to audience interests. The system will drive the traffic automatically, matching the traffic demands with the bids. The highest bidder gets the traffic. It takes less than a second for matching and loading Ads of the highest bidder.

What advantages will you get as RTB bidder?

  • The fully automated bidding process, the only thing you need is to set the bid.
  • It’s fast, convenient and neat.
  • Allows you to get the relevant audience on your Ads, rising the chance to gain as many conversions as possible.

To start working with Real Time Bidding system please contact our affiliate expert Xenia.


Please note that Real Time Bidding system is available to Affiliate and Advertising Networks.

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