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You can get the API from your working panel on the left side.
By using our system you accept all the Terms and Conditions [] of CLICKADU. According to the Terms and Conditions [], you are responsible for all inventory and traffic that you provide. I...
Of course, you can use CLICKADU and another ad network, but it will surely affect your eCPM rates from all the companies and as a result, you won't achieve the full potential. We are fully interested in mutual cooperation, so you should kindly give us a c...
Sure, you can have both Publisher and Advertiser accounts.
You can show the ads unlimited times. But you need to consider that it may be too annoying for your visitors. So kindly analyze your traffic and choose the right period of the pop-unders for your website.
Yes, you can use the ad code of your approved site on all sub-domains.
Our system counts all the impressions that were opened. But you can see fewer impressions than visitors because: * Some pages of your website don't have our ad code (you need to place the code on all your pages). * Some mobile devices cannot display...
CPM depends on the quality of traffic, conversions, GEO and many different factors. But to see your average CPM you need to test our system during few days. Ongoing analysis and optimization help you to reach your revenue goals.
Your revenue depends on the quality of your traffic, conversions, GEO, etc. If the quality is high, there are many conversions, so you'll generate high revenue.
Of course, you can. All you need to do is to add your site in publisher's panel. We have a huge list of offers that perfectly suits your type of traffic.
If you see blank pop-unders on your website, it means that you've selected the direct URL from the ad code without any permission from our side. In that case, you need contact our Support Team [].
No, you can't. Each site that sends the traffic to us should be added to our system and each site should be approved.
* New referral commission payouts: - 10% during the 1st month of your referral's registration - 7% during the 2nd month - 5% during the 3d month and forever after! * You can find a referral link in your personal account after registration ->...