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Make sure that you've entered the correct username and password. If you have forgotten your password you are simply able to change it. If you use the correct username and the password, but you still can not sign in, kindly contact our Support Team [ht...
Our stats is recorded in EST time zone.
The site already exists because it was added to our system before. If you are sure that you have no another account on our system and you didn't add the site before, kindly contact our Support team (kindly prepare any proof of ownership).
You can do it by two ways: * Go to the tab "STATISTICS", choose "GROUP BY SITE" and you will see your revenue for each site. * Go to "Sites and zones" tab, choose one of your sites and click "GET STATS" button in the "ACTIONS" column. Then you'll s...
We do not delete any accounts or sites because it may hurt our statistics.
You can get your ad code by going to "SITES AND ZONES" tab, then selecting the needed site and pushing the "GET CODE" button at the "ACTIONS" column. You should put the tag between the markers at the code of your site. Kindly contact our Support Team if...
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Our stats update every hour. If you have any issues with your statistics, kindly contact our Support Team [].
You can change your password "FORGOT PASSWORD" on the Login page.