How to start monetization with VAST Pre-Roll
Posted by Demian Mash on 29 November 2018 12:21 PM

In order to monetize video content with VAST Pre-Roll, you need to create a video pre-roll zone.
Clickadu provides vast player monetization code. Please follow the instructions below to start monetization with Pre-roll video.

1. Go to the Publishers' dashboard.
2. Click 'Sites and zones' tab and choose the website you'd like to create a pre-roll video zone.
3. Choose 'Create video zone'

4. Copy your vast xml link destination.

5. Now it all depends on your video-player type. You'll find the code instructions below.

Were to paste your xml destination link for Video JS:

<script src="/your/path/for/videojs_5.vast.vpaid.min.js"></script>
videojs('my-player', {
"plugins": {
"vastClient": {
"adTagUrl": "put your vast url here",
"adsCancelTimeout": 5000,
"adsEnabled": true

Were to paste your xml destination link for MediaElement:

var player = new MediaElementPlayer('my-player', {
features: ['playpause','progress', 'controls', 'vast', 'ads'],
adsPrerollAdSkipSeconds: 3,
adsPrerollAdEnableSkip: true,
vastAdTagUrl: 'put your vast url',
vastAdsType: 'vast',
vastEnableSkip: true,

Were to paste your xml destination link for JW Player:

<div id="my-video"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" >
advertising: {
client: 'vast',
schedule: {
"myAds": {
"offset": "pre",
"tag": "place your vast url here"

Where to paste your xml destination link for KVS:

Go to the settings > Player settings.

Scroll down before VAST configuration.
Copy-paste your code there:

Now, you are all set and ready for the monetization.

In case you have any questions or suggestions regarding code integration please contact our Support Team.

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