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Happy St.Patrick's Day.
Posted by Demian Mash on 17 March 2017 12:32 PM

Did you know that it was St. Patrick who invented whiskey? 

In the 5th century St.Patrick and monks brought distillation art to Ireland, which was used for making that sort of whiskey we adore.

Clickadu delivers the cheapest Irish traffic as pure and radiant as mature Irish whiskey. Just sign in or sign up to set the right geo IE and drive 150K+ impressions daily at only $1 per mille!

The Irish playwright Bernard Shaw said, 'Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself'. Let's create together!



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Did you know that it’s possible to buy traffic from Clickadu using the Real Time Bidding system?

"Informed is forearmed": RTB system allows you to reach for the more relevant audience on your offers.

What’s the precise nature of the process?
It works just like all the bidding systems do. You’re able to choose the targeting, up to audience interests. The system will drive the traffic automatically, matching the traffic demands with the bids. The highest bidder gets the traffic. It takes less than a second for matching and loading Ads of the highest bidder.

What advantages will you get as RTB bidder?

  • The fully automated bidding process, the only thing you need is to set the bid.
  • It’s fast, convenient and neat.
  • Allows you to get the relevant audience on your Ads, rising the chance to gain as many conversions as possible.

To start working with Real Time Bidding system please contact our affiliate expert Xenia.


Please note that Real Time Bidding system is available to Affiliate and Advertising Networks.

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Don’t miss the AdsBridge special discount on the most popular pricing plans

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Dear partners, 

 We are excited to recommend you our new trusted partner— premium class tracking software AdsBridge. Being a big shark in affiliate business, there is no way you can control all your campaigns without a powerful tracker. And if you’re looking for a well-optimized tracking platform to drive higher revenue with your ad campaigns, AdsBridge is the one to consider!


It is a streamlined affiliate software for performance marketing with a truckload of features, and a great team of specialist who are ready to assist you at any stage of your work.


Why AdsBridge?


- 7 Data Centers Worldwide

- 4 Billion Clicks Processed Monthly

- Clients from over 160 countries


How do they compete?


• Secure Cloud Hosting

• First-Class Assistance

• Extra-Fast Redirects

• Flexible Customized Reporting

• Automatic campaign optimization

• Unlimited custom redirect domains


Plus AdsBridge provides pre-set templates for traffic sources and affiliate networks. Clickadu is on their list which means you will spend less than 5 minutes to set up tracking.


Visit AdsBridge to learn more about their advantages.


Get 25% off

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Carnival Hot Offers for 2 Weeks Only!
Posted by Demian Mash on 23 February 2017 12:22 PM


It’s getting hot in there, isn’t it? And do you feel that rhythm?
The rhythm of flashing carnival offers from Clickadu that makes you feel like dancing on the streets of Rio!

Here’s what we’ve got for you, a cheap traffic from the carnival hosting countries:

For desktop:
BR - 1.5M impressions daily total - CPM $0.70
PT - 450K impressions daily total - CPM $0.80
MX - 350K impressions daily total - CPM $0.70
AR - 250K impressions daily total - CPM $0.70
PE - 170K impressions daily total - CPM $0.70
CL - 160K impressions daily total - CPM $0.70
BO - 50K impressions daily total - CPM $0.70

For mobile:
BR - 1.7M impressions daily total - CPM $0.90
PT - 1M impressions daily total - CPM $0.90
MX - 650K impressions daily total - CPM $0.90
AR - 450K impressions daily total - CPM $0.90
CL - 200K impressions daily total - CPM $0.90
PE - 150K impressions daily total - CPM $0.80
BO - 130K impressions daily total - CPM $0.80

The prices are valid until the March 9.

Enjoy the next two weeks of the real fiesta! 
Sign in now to get the best!

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Get 50 Shades richer with Clickadu!
Posted by Demian Mash on 14 February 2017 04:02 PM

Get 50 shades richer with Clickadu on St. Valentine's Day!

On this very special day we want to be honest with you, guys...Love does not exist, okay? Not even for 3 years. Bullshit! Just a stupid myth, a plain chemical reaction making silly idiots out of people. Don't you agree? No? Neither do we :)

What we don't agree with is that you can be happy with your loved ones without money. Let your love be secure and ensured with wealth. Boost your profit with 130+ million of high converting pops from Clickadu! Why pops? Because they bring MORE impressions, conversions, money, and ...pleasure!

If you are still not in, join NOW and get a 10% bonus on your first Advertiser's deposit or 90% Publishers' revshare. When signing up use the promo code 50SHADES valid through 28 February.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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